I’ve never really been a big gamer, I don’t get on with console games really (though I did love Animal Crossing for a hot minute!). But I do enjoy simple, casual games. Particularly since having my little bundle of love! We love a contact nap in our house and I get a bit nap trapped from time to time. Playing a game on my phone is a fun way of passing the time without doom-scrolling social media and bumming myself out.

I’m of the solitaire on the computers at school generation, and I even enjoy playing solitaire with a pack of cards. I came across the website solitaire.org¬†which has seven different versions of solitaire to play for free (amongst a whole bunch of other games!).

classic solitaire screenshot

I’ve been playing Classic Solitaire on both my phone and my laptop. I know, not super exciting when there are so many other options available. But it really is a lovely way to just zone out, not really have to think about much and chill. It also passes the nap-trapped time without using up all of my banked TV!

As well as solitaire based games, the website has a number of other game categories, including hidden object games and logic puzzles. This means those of us with butterfly brains can easily find something to occupy the quiet times. I regularly meet a friend who lives a little way away and I tend to travel by train. Having a good stock of quick games is so helpful.

I’ve just been playing one of the daily bridges puzzles too, in which you have to join the numbered islands together with the correct number of bridges. A new one of these puzzles is added daily and it’s quite the little brain teaser!

bridges daily game screen shot

Studies are starting to indicate that playing some form of mentally stimulating games might be good to keep our brains fit, and for me these puzzle type games do make me think!

What do you do to keep your mind active?



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