Halloween has become increasingly popular in the UK over the past decade with millions of us holding our own celebrations to mark the event. So as the big day approaches it’s time to stock up on sweets for the trick or treaters and get your home Halloween ready.

Matt Dahan, from ParrotPrint.com said: “Halloween would be nothing without its over-the-top decorations, which seem to be getting more innovative each year.

“The best part of Halloween decorations is that you can get as creative as you want. Aside from the standard pumpkin carving, there are plenty of other things you can do to “spookify” your home or office.”

Here are ParrotPrint.com eight top Halloween decorating tips:

1. Pumpkins… Pumpkins Everywhere

 Halloween wouldn’t be complete without pumpkins. If you don’t have a lot of time, you can simply put a bunch of pumpkins in your front garden and create a small pumpkin patch. Pick pumpkins of various sizes and colours, as that will make the scenery a bit more dynamic.

But if you want to take things to the next level, you can carve the pumpkins and light them from the inside. That is one of the most common outdoor Halloween decoration ideas, but it’s effective nonetheless.

2. Paper Bats 

For this DIY Halloween decoration, you’ll need card stock paper, preferably black, as well as some invisible thread. To get started, find a picture of a bat silhouette on the Internet, and then trace it on the black card paper.

Cut out the shapes with scissors, and make small holes at the heads/tails of the bats so you can tie them together with the invisible thread. Once you do that, pin the thread to your chandelier, ceiling beams, or stair railings.

3. Cheesecloth Ghosts 

Cheesecloth ghosts are one of the coolest Halloween party decoration ideas, not to mention one of the cheapest.

To make these spooky ghosts, you will need cheesecloth and liquid starch. You’ll also need some bottles, balloons, and wire, which you most likely already have lying around the house.

Use the bottles as the ghosts’ bodies, and tie some wire around them to pose as hands. Alternatively, you can inflate a couple of balloons and use those as bodies. Next, drench the cheesecloth in liquid starch and use it to cover the ‘skeletons’ you’ve already made.

4. Spider Webs 

When it comes to cheap Halloween decoration ideas, DIY spider webs definitely take the cake. The only thing you need to make them is some kind of rope or string. Of course, some precision and a bit of patience will go a long way, too.

Look up some images of spiderwebs and try to recreate them with rope. You can either choose to glue the rope together or tie it in small knots. Make a couple of webs in different sizes, and hang them in a few house corners. You can also dye them white if you feel like putting in the extra work.

5. Halloween Pillows 

If you don’t pride yourself on your creativity, yet still want to glam up your house for Halloween, a set of Halloween pillows will do just fine. All you have to do is pick and order the pillowcases, and put them on your couch cushions.

Once Halloween is over, you can remove them, pack them in a box, and save them for next year. As it takes almost no time and effort, it’s by far one of the most practical Halloween house decoration ideas.

6. Gothic Candelabras 

Nothing gives out a spooky vibe like an old gothic candelabra chock full of dripping candles. The shimmery, dim candlelight creates a yesteryear atmosphere that’s absolutely perfect for Halloween season.

You can easily make candelabras the centrepiece of your Halloween decoration display. You can buy them in every home centre or charity shop, and they come in various shapes and sizes.

7. Spooky Terrariums

If you enjoy making your Halloween party decoration ideas come to life, you should really consider making some spooky terrariums.

You’ll need a couple of jars of various sizes to use those as makeshift terrariums. Next, you’ll need some kind of a base, as well as spooky plastic figurines such as skeletons, skulls, gravestones, etc.

You’ll also need to go outside and pick up as much moss as you can. Alternatively, you can just buy the plastic one. Finally, you’ll need some glue to bring it all together.

8. Halloween-Themed Canvas Prints

Lastly, you can glam up any room or office without much effort by using canvas prints. Canvas prints can make all of your Halloween decoration ideas come to life.

Spooky prints can transform your home or office into a Halloween venue and can be easily packed away afterwards and put into storage until the same time next year.

How do you decorate your home for halloween?

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