With a new baby born in the winter, i have been looking at how I can keep on top of the washing without being able to dry outside. Before our baby was born my husband and I used to get away with doing the washing once a week in one big push, but these days we need to do a few loads every 2-3 days – sometimes a lot more!

Doing my washing more often means I need to dry it quicker, no-one wants damp washing hanging around all week! Years ago we purchased a heated airer from Lakeland which makes a huge difference. It costs pennies to run really and speeds up our drying time no end. We also have a motley collection of other airers.

Husband also has an obsession with smart technology, so everything is on timers so the house doesn’t get too warm!

I found a great list of tips and tricks over at House becomes a Home on how to quickly dry laundry inside, as well as a list of the best dehumidifiers to help with drying laundry inside. So if you are looking to speed up your drying time too it’s a fantastic starting point.

What are your laundry top tips? I’m now off to tackle the washing mountain again!

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Hannah · February 7, 2022 at 7:15 pm

I run the pants and socks on a tumble dry load along with the bedding and towels. I find the water is so hard here that if I leave the towels to air dry they end up crispy and crunchy (yuck!). Our bathroom has underfloor heating so a lot of the bigger items that can’t be tumbled go on the airer in there and are often dry within a day or maybe the next day. It can be a nuisance to get around the drying rack some days but it makes so much difference. Katy. (at KatyKicker.com) has talked about her love for her Lakeland drying airer before and I’ve thought about getting one. It might have to go on a wish list when we get back home maybe? I’ve also seen a lot of Indie Yarn Dyers use the Lakeland Dryers because it helps with drying yarn quicker too.

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