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For a huge variety of reasons, planning your meals in advance is a fantastic idea for most people. Whether you are trying to keep to a budget, not resort to takeaway when you are tired or following a new healthy eating plan, knowing what you are going to eat for your main meal is amazingly useful. Meal planning for us is partly about saving money and partly about taking away the uncertainty every evening. If you are on a budget check out these other top tips to help you save pennies here and there.

But one of the problems I have found is that we always fall back to the same meals – and I’m frankly a bit bored!

blue plate with meal plan on in scrabble type letters

We have a young baby, so are both pretty exhausted most of the time. To help us out (since we failed to fill the freezer with healthy, tasty food), we have signed up for a gousto box to bring a bit of variety to our weekly menu.

Delivered on a Monday, we choose 4 recipes and everything we need (except things like oil, salt and pepper) is delivered to our door along with the step by step instructions needed to create some really delicious food. We signed up using our friends code, so we got a great discount to begin with as well as giving them some credit for boxes. If you are keen to give Gousto a go, we have a discount code that currently gives you 65% off your first box, plus 30% off your first month – just visit the Gousto website and sign up. We will also get credit to our next box.

cheese and bacon burger with dressed lettuce wedges

There are a number of recipes to choose from each week, and you can filter based on a variety of different categories, from low-calorie and 10 minute meals to the protein or main ingredient.

Over the years we have used a number of different recipe subscription boxes, always finding a few recipes that we keep in our repertoire. We get bored of the same food over and over again and our local Uber Eats drivers are becoming like friends!

With Gousto we have been able to share a login to the app and pick our meals for the following week before we do our weekly shop. We can change them up until the Thursday usually and hubby and I are able to both see what is coming and when. They also provide links to playlists in Spotify for a bit of kitchen dancing whilst you cook.

Not every meal has been a hit, but most we’ve chosen have been pretty good! It really has made a difference and reignited our interest in cooking – most nights we argue over who is allowed to cook! We have been saving our favourites to add to our recipe scrapbook for future meals too.

Let me know if you do use our affiliate code – we’ll be ever so grateful! And we hope you enjoy!

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